For prospective students to get accepted to our program, we consider several factors:

  1. Transcripts of grades in previous schools
  2. Tutor / teacher comments in report cards
  3. Results of our entrance exam (English, Math, Science)

We are certainly looking for students whose english abilities are good, previous grades are above average, and whose tutor/teacher comments are positive.

In terms of our entrance exam scores, we fully understand that students coming from other programs may not have studied the same curriculum or even the same topics in the same sequence as we do and may, therefore, not do as well on our entrance exams through no fault of their own. We take that into account when looking at those results and factor that in with the other two criteria.

Another factor is that we limit our class sizes to 18 students. In the case of more than 18 students passing all requirements for a particular year level, we will take only the top 18. By "top", we mean a consideration and averaging of the 3 requirement criteria listed above.

As an example, say a student does below average on our entrance exams but is excellent in the first two criteria. That student would probably get preference over one who did average on all three.

As our program expands and we have, say, two Year 8 classes, we can accept up to 36 students.

As of today (22 FEB 2017) we have ten students in Year 8 (can accept eight more for August 2017). We have thirteen in Year 9 and can accept five more for Year 10 in August. In Year 10 we have twelve students but we are not accepting any new students for Year 11 beginning August 2017. We have two students in Year 11 and can accept sixteen more on certain conditions.

  • They must have passed 5 IGCSE subjects already
  • The AS-Level and/or A-Level subjects they want to study are ones we will be offering (please come in or call for details on this)


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