Just went shopping yesterday at Office Mate (ground floor of Central) and picked up a lot of stuff. There is still other stuff we recommend (see below this picture), but this is a great start. It's not expensive and go a very long way to getting your children organized!




The following is a short list of items all students must have on the first day of class. You may very well be interested in supplementing this list, but this is a bare-bones requirement.

3- or 2-Ring Binder With Paper and Tabs

binder large open

This is may be the most important item!

Having a binder with paper and tabs (for the different subjects) is an excellent first step in becoming organized - organized for note-taking as well as studying notes at home.




folder organizer


An organizer is indispensable for keeping all miscellaneous items such as tests, quizzes, handouts, etc. in one place and easily accessible.





Scientific Calculator




These items are not expensive and will be useful throughout your child's middle school and high school years - including any and all work they need to do in A-Level Mathematics or Science.

The calculator you choose does not have to be Casio but it must be a scientific calculator - one that can do trigonometry, squares (cubes, etc.), square roots (cube roots, etc.), exponents, logs, and scientific notation.




Pencil & Pen Case - Transparent



The reason for the transparency is that Cambridge International Exams will not allow any cases that are not see-through. So if you're going to buy your child a case anyway, why not just get a transparent one now and not have to buy it later.

A transparent case is not required but do know that when your child takes their IGCSE, AS-Level, and A-Level exams, it will be required.




Geometer's Tools (Years 10-13)

geometry toolsThese tools will be employed during the IGCSE, AS-Level, and A-Level studies in Mathematics (and all students are required to take at least IGCSE Mathematics).

In the geometry part of the course, these will be employed regularly as well as in the exams.

This exact style of case is not required but whichever case you select, it must contain at least the following: compass, ruler / straight edge, protractor, and a right-angled triangle.