Our IGCSE ESL teacher has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education.

The M.Ed. is from Penn State University with a specialization in curriculum design and development. One of the highlights of his graduate school days was doing an internship at NASA Langley Research Center in America designing and implementing a video-based pilot program to show young learners how science, mathematics, and engineering relate to the world around them. The program was so successful that NASA went forward with it, and episodes were broadcast to schools in the US.

checkpoint english 7 8Year 8: ESL

  • Book 7

    • Unit 1: Acrostic poem, autobiography, informal letter, proverb, fable
    • Unit 2: Cautionary tale, urban legend, mini-saga, horror/suspense story
    • Unit 3: Song lyric, discursive text, recipe, menu, descriptive poetry, personal account
    • Unit 4: First-person narrative, figurative description, poem, semi-formal letter, diary
    • Unit 5: Informative text, news report, advertisement, novel extracts, legend, talk
    • Unit 6: Fairy tale, plot synopsis, blurb book review, fantasy/sci fi story
    • Unit 7: Magazine article, shape poem, autobiography, descriptive poem, novel extract, descriptive prose
    • Unit 8: Plot synopsis, playscript, story continuation, quest story
    • Unit 9: Monologue, personal account, fact list, news feature, lyrical poetry
    • Unit 10: Short story extract, ballad extract, narrative poem, factual account, mystery story
    • Unit 11: Memoirs, nostalgia poems, lyrical poem, rhythm poem, confession letters
    • Unit 12: Fantasy novel extracts, fantasy poems, horror novel extract, song lyric
  • Book 8

    • Unit 1: Proverbs, letter, poem, informative text, magazine article, myth
    • Unit 2: Informative text, instructions, news report, diary, match report
    • Unit 3: Proverbs, descriptive poems, haiku, short story extract, informative text, reference book entries, magazine feature, brochure
    • Unit 4: Verse extract, folk tale, drama extract, travel guide, blog
    • Unit 5: Autobiography, biography, informative text
    • Unit 6: Factual description, news report, news article, short story, fable, non-fiction account

checkpoint english 8 9Year 9: ESL

  • Book 8

    • Unit 7: Account, magazine article, poems, timetable, sonnet, drama extract
    • Unit 8: Descriptive text, novel extracts, account, short story extract
    • Unit 9: Travel writing, advertisement, leaflet, review, magazine article, novel extract
    • Unit 10: Informative texts, news report, descriptive poems
    • Unit 11: Review, informative text, account, poem, plot synopsis
    • Unit 12: Verse extracts, nonsense poems, rap poem, novel extract, short story extract
  • Book 9

    • Unit 1: Speech, news article, informative articles, encyclopedia entry, magazine article
    • Unit 2: Magazine articles, advisory texts, poems
    • Unit 3: Newpaper articles, web article, blog, nonsense sonnet
    • Unit 4: Anthem, protest song, poems, novel extract, drama extract
    • Unit 5: Film review extracts, novel extract, short story opening, short story, magazine article
    • Unit 6: Poem, magazine article, drama extracts, poem, advertisement, fairy tale
    • Unit 7: Magazine articles, blog, newspaper article, satirical dramatic monologue poem, drama extract
    • Unit 8: Fact list, news and magazine articles, fictional autobiography extract, diary extracts, appeal letter charity magazine articles, website information
    • Unit 9: Public information brochure, detective novel extract, news article, short story extract, short stories
    • Unit 10: Day-in-the-life monologues, novel extract, week's diary entries, poems
    • Unit 11: Biograhical article, novel extract, informative article, magazine article, poem extract, product review, blog
    • Unit 12: Informative article, novel extract, day-in-the-life monologue, web articles 

igcse eslYears 10 and 11 (IGCSE): ESL

  • Reading

    • Identify and retrieve facts and details
    • Undertand and select relevant information
    • Recognize and understand ideas, opinions and attitudes, and the connections between related ideas
    • Understand what is implied but not actually written, e.g. gist, relationships, writer's purpose / intention, writer's feelings, situation or place
  • Writing

    • Communicate clearly, accurately, and appropriately
    • Convey information and expression opinions effectively
    • Employ and control a variety of grammatical structures
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of appropriate vocabulary
    • Observe conventions of paragraphing, punctuation, and spelling
    • Employ appropriate register / style
  • Listening

    • Identify and retrieve facts and details
    • Understand and select relevant information
    • Recognize and understand ideas, opinions, and attitudes and the connections between related ideas
    • Understand what is implied but not actually stated, e.g. gist, relationship between speakers, speaker's purpose / intention, speaker's feeling, situation or place
  • Speaking

    • Communicate clearly, accurately, and appropriately
    • Convey information and express opinions effectively
    • Employ and convey a variety of grammatical structures
    • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of appropriate vocabulary
    • Engage in and influence the direction of conversation
    • Employ suitable pronunciation and stress patterns

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.

Robert Benchley

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