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How long is the class day?

Morning Homeroom starts at 7:45 AM and classes finish by 3:30 PM.


What is the House System you have?

Our students are divided into different Houses. As of this academic year, we have two of them - House Fortis and House Veritas.

 fortis veritas

Students are randomly selected for either house to make a nice mix of gender and age so students from all our Year levels will be in each House. If we have brothers or sisters attending the school, they will be in the same house.

Whichever House a student is in, they will stay in that same House as long as they are at IPC.

Houses are a way to stimulate qualities of leadership, good behavior, and competition.

Throughout the year, Houses will compete for points. Points can be awarded in a number of ways.

  • Academic performance (GPA)
  • Debates
  • Best attendance
  • Performances / Showcases
  • Athletic performance
  • Demonstrated leadership, and more

At the end of the year, trophies will be awarded to each House depending on their points totals in different categories.


How will your Student Council work?

Houses are a great way to encourage healthy competition and the Student Council will encourage cooperation.

There will be an elected leadership that meets with a teacher/advisor and their duties will be to debate, vote on, and organize a host of student/school improvement initiatives to include charity drives, community service, fund-raising, activities, clubs, competitions and more.


What is the Assembly about?

Along with promoting healthy competition and cooperation, it is our mission to develop thinking skills in our students.

Everyone in IPC will be a member of the Assembly. Each member will have one vote. Many issues will be debated and voted upon over the course of the year.

The Assembly will debate and vote upon IPC policies such as behavior, detention, reward, late assignments, the points system of reward in House competitions, awards, and many others as the Assembly evolves over the year.

There will, however, be some issues that will not be the purvue of the Assembly and those would include things like teacher recruitment, financial matters, homework policies, etc.

Yes, the students in the Assembly will outnumber the teachers and administrators, but part of our stated Mission & Vision is to develop skills of critical thinking and critical evaluation and there's no better way to do this than give students the opportunity to develop them! Our Assembly is an excellent, and proven method for doing this.

All policies will be monitored for how effective, useful, and productive they are and if there are any that we feel are not doing their job, we will revisit them in Assembly, discuss further, and take another vote.


Does IPC offer clubs for the students?

Yes, we do. The clubs we offer, and membership in them, will be decided by the Student Council and be chosen from a list of clubs we are able to provide. As of this writing, the clubs will include at least the following choices:

  • Chess
  • Yearbook (to include graphic design)
  • Debate
  • Photography / Video (to include movie-making)
  • Art
  • Business
  • more to come!


How about the qualifications of your teachers?

Our teachers are all qualified, experienced members of our staff. They are all teaching in their university subject specialty and have attended Cambridge International Exams workshops and seminars.


What curriculum do you use?

In the last two high school years, Years 12 and 13, we will use the Cambridge International Exams (CIE) curriculum for A-level which is equivalent to first-year university study. We will roll out this program in the 2018-2019 academic year.

For Years 10 and 11, we use the CIE IGCSE curriculum.

For the Middle School years, Years 8 and 9, we use a curriculum specifically geared to preparing students for their IGCSE years which is supported, in part, by our international standard textbooks published by Cambridge University Press.


Do students have to take the O-Net exams?

No, they do not. As we are a registered IGCSE exam center, the students in our program are exempt from taking O-Net exams.


Can students graduate early?

Yes, they can. The Thai Ministry of Education will grant high school graduation certificates to all students passing five IGCSE subjects with a grade of "C" or better.

Having passed their five subjects and receiving their diploma, students are eligible to apply to Thai universities. Passing the five subjects is not a guarantee they will be accepted, however. Thai universities use many criteria in deciding whom they accept and IGCSE scores are just one of those.


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