Easily set up your own, free website and populate it with your content.

Google sites is a great way to deliver content digitally in the classroom. Through sites.google.com, you can easily create your own website for free. Create navigation links for different topics and load up a wide variety of content including videos, text, documents, charts, tables, images, and much more.

 Setting up your own, free website is as easy as visiting sites.google.com and clicking "create". You must have a Google account first so if you don't have, say, a gmail email account set up, you'll need to do that first.

How Can I Use This in the Classroom?

Supplement Your Textbook

Add all the content you want to supplement your textbook. One of the advantages to this is that no one knows your students better than you do and you can tailor-make the content to fit your students needs.

google sites exampleNo More Worksheets!

How much time do you spend printing worksheets, distributing them, collecting them, and then grading them? None of this is necessary anymore. In making your worksheet, you'll be creating a digital document anyway. A much more efficient use of your time is to simply upload the file to the appropriate page of your website and then have students open them up with their digital device. Additionally, make a digital document with the answers and after students are finished, have them open that up to check their answers.

The advantage of this is that there is now zero time between students finishing a worksheet and being able to see what they got right or wrong. With the old way, if you finish first, you probably have to sit there and do nothing, waiting for all the others to finish so the teacher can collect them all and grade them.

As students move through the answer sheet, you move around the room and can get instant feedback as to what they're not understanding. It's much easier to help students one-on-one this way.

Yes, there are some kinds of questions where it's easier to do this than with other kinds of questions. If the worksheet requires long answers, it's harder to use this technique, but for calculation questions, fill in the blank, ordering, ranking, nothing is a more efficient use of your time.

Set Up Your Yearly Plan

Design your navigation bar to link to pages covering all the topics you'll be doing over the year. This serves several functions. First, you have a quick and easy reference of where you're going for the year. Second, students sometimes are curious about "what we're doing next". Simply point them to the site. Lastly, some parents are also curious about what their child will be studying with you over the course of the year. Again, point them to the website.

Is It Portable?

The beauty of having your own site is that it is yours. You may want to tweak it for the next year's course, but once it's done, it's done. Also, you take it with you wherever you go so if you move from one school to another and are teaching the same course, it's there and it's done.

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