What We'll Be Doing This Academic Year

Summer School

summerschoolSince this is our first year of moving from a Thai school calendar (May to March) to an international one (August to June), we'll have a "layover" for several months.

During this time, we will be running an extensive summer school designed to get all our IPC students accustomed to the new, Cambridge curriculum - the rigor and the subject matter - so when they step into the new school year in August, they will be fully prepared.

International Day

world 75International Day is a good way to promote understanding of cultures across the world and this is one other way in which we help to promote the ideal of global citizenship in our students. They will settle on the country of their choice, research the customs and ways of life, and share their cross-cultural knowledge by participating in four events to be held on a selected day in November:

  • International Fashion Show (traditional v. modern)
  • International Forum (Eastern ideals meet Western ideals)
  • International Food Festival (food from around the world)
  • International Parade (student organized)

Culture Week

internationalAs a followup to International Day, Culture Week will be held in April, just before our Songkran break and be devoted to exploring the similarities and differences between traditional and modern national holidays in Thailand. The annual celebration of Songkran, for example, has been transformed over what it was, say, a hundred years ago. This, and other Thai holidays, will be explored for their original meanings and ways of celebration along with a comparison to how it's done in today's world.

  • Survey the community about traditional and modern beliefs surrounding Thai national holidays
  • Work with elders in the community to lear traditional customs and practices of those holidays
  • Host a traditional v. modern fair and exhibition to fundraise money for local charities

Community Service Trip

communityserviceAlong with our committment to expose our students to not only the larger world of culture and tradition and that of Thailand, we feel it's important to develop another tradition - that of giving of oneself. Community service is a valuable endeavor to instill an appreciation for what we have, what others may not have, and a willingness to work together for the betterment of all. This week-long trip will happen in January, 2017.

  • Students will plan a trip and activities to give back to the community through volunteer work
  • Students will donate money fund-raised from Culture Week to local charities of their choice
  • Students will use a creative method to share their experiences with other students at the end of the week

After School Clubs

clubsAfter school clubs will be decided upon by an assemby of students, teachers, and administration personnel during the first week of school. We expect there to be a great diversity of clubs and a possible starting point is below. In our assembly, we may add to or delete from this tentative list.

  • Debate
  • Chess
  • Yearbook
  • Art
  • Drama / Video / Movie Making
  • Current Events
  • Business / Entrepeneur
  • Football

Student Council

studentcouncil 3Students will decide who wants to run for office and after that, we will have two weeks for the candidates to present their platforms, engage in a series of debates, and finally have the elections.

Students will run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

We envision our Student Council to be a body that has real decision-making capability. Representatives will report to Homeroom teachers and any proposals passed by the Council will be approved or debated further with the school community at large.

Study Abroad (4 weeks)

compass 75x75For wealth of experience, nothing beats living in a foreign country for an extended amount of time, especially when that country is culturally so different from what it is here in Thailand. Living in the West will expose our students to very different ways of doing things and thinking about things and there's no better way to help promote the idea of Global citizenship than that. Another great advantage of trips like these is that, without exception, our students come back with abilities in English far above what they were before they left.

  • Four weeks in an English-speaking country
  • Join in classes taught by native speakers
  • Home stay opportunities
  • Cultural immersion and activities
  • Runs July - August, 2017

Summer Reading Challenge

readingAmong the most successful people in the world, there is one consistent thread - they all read. They read a lot! Reading brings you into a world that is diverse, challenging, engaging, and mind-expanding. Not only is reading good for your mental growth, it does wonders for your English ability. It has been shown over and over that learners of English as a second language progress more quickly the more regularly they read books in English. And this heightened ability spans not only reading ability, but listening, speaking, and writing.

  • Read a book over the summer (2016)
  • Choose from a list of average, intermediate, or advanced (teachers will choose the appropriate level for each student)
  • Present your books in the first week of school in the "Summer Learning Showcase"


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